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Vendor Registration


Will I get the customer details before his departure?

Who would generate the invoice to the customer?

Whom would the customer call in case he wish to speak to someone for customization of the Travel Products before booking or for any assistance during the trip?

What are the number of Travel products I can upload on the platform?

What Travel Products can I uplaod on the Platform?

Can I change any of the details at a later stage?

Which PAN number should I provide?

Is PAN mandatory?

I do not have all mandatory documents required to complete the registrstion process right now?

Who would train me/my staff on the platform?

What is the business model?

What happens when the end customer wish to customize my travel product offering?

How do I sell my Travel products with Yatra ?

What all mandatory documents are required for registration process ?

What is the registration process ?

Do I need to be certified by any body to become a partner ?

Is there a fee that I have to pay to register as a partner with Yatra?

What is the business model ?

Who are eligible for Yatra Partner Program?

What is the Yatra Partner Program ?