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How can I redeem eCash ?

You will need to be logged into your account with Yatra.com to use eCash. The amount you can use will appear on the payment page while you are booking.
For flight bookings, simply log into your account and see the price shown, which is adjusted with redeemable eCash, so you see only the amount you need to pay. On the page where you enter traveler details, you can see the price break up.
eCash can be used for booking a flight, hotel, bus or holiday. However, while booking, you can use only a certain percentage of the eCash based on the product.
Below are percentage slabs for using eCash.
  • Domestic flights 2.5% (up to Rs. 500)
  • International flights 5% (up to Rs. 1000) 
  • International Hotels 20% ( up to Rs. 2000) of the booking amount
  • Domestic Hotels 10% ( up to Rs. 500) of the booking amount
  • Bus Bookings 10% (up to Rs 100)
  • Holidays 5%
  • Trains AC Tickets: 10% max up to Rs 40
  • Trains Non AC Tickets: 10% max up to Rs 20
  • Cabs - Uber - 50% off upto Rs 25
  • Cabs - OLA -  20% up to Rs. 50

How do I login to My Bookings section on Yatra.com?