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What is eCash?

Can I convert all the eCash present in my Yatra account into Shopping Coupons?

What is the validity of Yatra eCash?

How can I get my money back from eCash?

How soon can I use eCash earned?

eCash Tutorial

How can I convert Yatra eCash into Shopping Coupons?

How to redeem expired eCash?

What are the benefits of using eCash?

Can I transfer my ecash balance to another user?

My transaction has failed, but the eCash has been debited. How can I use it again?

How can I transfer my eCash?

Can you convert my eCash to cash?

How can I sign up for eCash?

How can I put money into eCash?

What happens to my Yatra Miles?

How can I check balance present in eCash ?

How can I use these converted Shopping Coupons on the partner site?

What is transferable eCash?

What is the minimum & maximum amount of eCash that I can transfer in a single transaction?

What is the validity of transferred eCash?

Is there any expiry to the refund or cashback present in eCash?

Can you give me cash instead of e-cash?

There is not enough money in eCash for booking a ticket. How do I proceed to make a booking?

I have cancelled my reservation, but the entire eCash I used during booking has not been credited to my account.

Is there any validity for using these Shopping Coupons?

How many times can I convert the eCash into Shopping Coupons?

What if I do not have enough eCash to convert to Shopping Coupons?

I am not able to use my voucher on the partner website. Whom should I contact?

Can I cancel my transaction and get a refund of my eCash?

Can I exchange this Shopping Coupons for cash?

I have transferred eCash, but it has not been credited to the recipient’s account yet. Please help!

How many times can I transfer eCash?

I didn't get promotion eCash

Can I transfer all the eCash present in my Yatra account?

To whom can I transfer my eCash?

Can I convert and gift this Coupon to my friends/family?

Can I further transfer the eCash that I have received via eCash transfer?

Can I reverse the eCash that I have transferred?

I have not received my voucher after conversion. Whom should I contact?