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How do I get my booking invoice?

I misspelt my name while booking my ticket. How can I change it now?

How can I get the booking invoice using Yatra booking reference number?

Are there any rescheduling charges if I change my monument visit date?

How do I cancel my monument ticket?

Can I cancel an online ticket on the monument ticket counter? Will I still be eligible for the refund?

How can I check the availability of tickets?

I was not able to make a successful booking. Can Yatra Customer Service help?

How can I book a wheelchair?

Whom should I contact in case special assistance is required?

How can I access my booking details?

My card is charged but I see a blank screen. What should I do now?

Where will I get my payment receipt?

How do I print my e-ticket?

What are the cancellation charges on my monument ticket?

Do I get any refund if I cancel my ticket?

Can I reschedule my monument ticket to another day?

What are the benefits of buying a ticket through Yatra.com?

Can I avail a senior citizen discount on monument tickets?

Do I need an ID proof while visiting monuments or is my ticket sufficient?

What are the type of discounts offered while booking monument tickets through Yatra.com?

Is it mandatory to take a printout of the monument ticket?

How do I login to My Bookings section on Yatra.com ?

It has been 48 hours since I booked and have not received confirmation.Help!

Do I need to carry a photo ID while visiting the monument?

How will I know if my ticket is confirmed?

Am I eligible for a refund if I don’t visit the monument for some reason?

How do I change my monument visit date?

Am I supposed to have a Yatra account to book or cancel my monument ticket?

Is there a way to book a ticket online but pay in cash?

Can I buy more than one monument ticket at once?

How far in advance can I book a monument ticket?

Are there any offers or discounts on monuments booking through Yatra.com?

How can I buy a monument ticket through Yatra.com?

What different modes of payment do you accept?