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How can I cancel my hotel booking?

 You can cancel your hotel booking by logging into My Bookings. Please find below the steps for cancelling:

  1. Log in to My Bookings
  2. On your dashboard - click on Cancel, select the booking you want to cancel
  3. After clicking on Cancel Booking, select the room you want to cancel 
  4. In case of Pay at Hotel booking, click on 'Get Refund Details' to register a cancellation request and an agent will get in touch with you to cancel your booking.
  5. In case of pre-paid booking, click on ‘Get Refund Details’ to know your cancellation charges and refund amount. 

Kindly note, you get to review your booking and cancellation charges before the final cancellation.

Once the ticket is cancelled, the refund amount will be displayed. Also, the amount will be refunded through the mode chosen by you at the time of booking.

How do I login to My Bookings section on Yatra.com?