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Domestic Holidays

How do I select a seat after making a booking?

How do I find out my baggage limit?

How can I add a meal to my flight ticket?

How do I do webcheck-in/Tele check-in for my flight reservation?

What does CWB and CNB stand for ??

Can I check-in early/ check-out late at the hotel?

How do I contact Yatra in the case of an emergency while I am travelling?

What are the inclusions of a honeymoon package provided by Yatra?

When will I get my travel vouchers?

Can I book a package for stay and sightseeing?

Can I customize a holiday package?

How can I use Pay & Hold to book a Holiday package?

What does 'option of flights' refer to in Holiday packages?

Does a package include transport as well?

Is there an extra charge for an optional tour?

Can I make cash payment for my holiday package?

Will I get a guide to accompany me for my holiday?

Will I be provided a cab on leisure days?

What documents should I carry for a domestic holiday?

Are single or shared rooms provided at the houseboat?

Is it mandatory to tip the driver /Volvo conductor/helper?

Will I get a cab for sightseeing at my disposal?

Will I get a separate invoice for flights, hotels, and transport?

What are the extra charges that I will have to incur on the trip?

What is the difference between star rating and trip advisor rating?