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Do I need to buy Travel & Medical Insurance?

How do I login to My Bookings section on Yatra.com?

How can I use Yatra gift voucher?

How do I change my email id?

Can I use an international credit card for payment?

Can I book travel insurance with Yatra while buying a holiday package?

How do I change my contact number?

Does Yatra arrange international tours?

Can I change the booking dates?

When will I get my travel vouchers?

Who can I call or contact in case of emergency?

How does a tour package cover sightseeing?

Can you help with buying or selling of Foreign Currencies?

How can I get a visa?

Can I check-in early/ check-out late at the hotel?

How can I use Pay & Hold to book a Holiday package?

Can I book a package for stay and sightseeing?

Is food included in my ticket fare?

How can I get the contact details of a hotel?

What is the difference between star rating and trip advisor rating?

What are the holiday packages available?

Does Yatra offer any loyalty program?

Is there an extra charge for an optional tour?

What type of meals are offered in tours and packages?

What does 'option of flights' refer to in Holiday packages?

Can I customize a holiday package?

What does BTQ stand for?

Does a package include transport as well?

What does CWB and CNB stand for ??

What medical precautions must be taken while travelling?

What safety measures should I take while travelling?

When going for a holiday, what essentials should I take?

What precautions should be taken before going on a holiday?

How are Travellers Cheques used?

Where should I get the money exchanged in abroad?

How much money can a resident Indian carry abroad?

How are children and infants accommodated in a hotel?

In a holiday package, what kind of vehicle is provided for the travel?

Is it possible to book three adults in one room?

Can I book a holiday package using multiple credit cards for one booking?

What if I don’t get a confirmation email of my Holiday Package Booking, and my account has been charged?

What is the difference between Half-board and full-board meal plan?

How many days before the journey should I book the hotel or a holiday package?

Do I need a passport to go on an International holiday?

What is an Escorted Tour?

Where can I deposit the balance amount for doing a transaction with Yatra?

How is a Twin Room different from a Double Room?

Why should I buy a Yatra holiday package?

Can I pay for my Holiday Package by using someone else's credit card?

Can I cancel my holiday tour midway?

What is the meaning of 'per person on twin sharing basis'?

What are the cancellation charges for a holiday package?

What are the different modes of payment you accept?

What are the extra charges that I will have to incur on the trip?

Will I get a separate invoice for flights, hotels, and transport?

Will I get a cab for sightseeing at my disposal?

Is it mandatory to tip the driver /Volvo conductor/helper?

What are the inclusions of a honeymoon package provided by Yatra?

Are single or shared rooms provided at the houseboat?

What documents should I carry for a domestic holiday?

Will I be provided a cab on leisure days?

Will I get a guide to accompany me for my holiday?

How do I contact Yatra in the case of an emergency while I am travelling?

Can I make cash payment for my holiday package?

What is a group tour?

is it better to do group booking or individual

What are the different modes of payments you accept?