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How can I get a refund for the tickets that I have directly cancelled with airlines?

Domestic Flight

In case the airline has canceled the flight, to claim a refund please inform us about the cancellation by following the below-mentioned steps. 

1) If your travel date has not passed then, please log in to My Bookings and cancel the booking.

How do I cancel a flight reservation?

2) If your travel date has passed, then please login to My Bookings and claim refund against the booking.

  1. Login into Manage Bookings
  2. Click on the claim refund button
  3. Select the Booking for which you want to claim your refund
  4. Choose option 'Booking directly cancelled at airline' as the reason for refund. One of our agents will look into the issue and will process the refund.  

Kindly note in cases of Air India, the refund is processed by the airline after 45 days from cancellation date.

International Flight
Please Contact Us and allow us to help you.

When will I get my refund?