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How can I reschedule my flight booking?

When will I get my refund (flight booking)?

How do I print my e-ticket?

How do I login to My Bookings section on Yatra.com?

My money has been deducted, and I have not received any confirmation mail or booking ID from your side. What should I do?

How do I find out my baggage limit?

How do I cancel a flight reservation?

How do I select a seat after making a booking?

I misspelled my name while booking a domestic flight ticket. Can I get it changed?

What are the different modes of payments you accept?

I booked a ticket, but found the ticket is not confirmed?

What are the cancellation charges for flights?

How much does it cost to reschedule a flight?

How can I get a refund for the tickets that I have directly cancelled with airlines?

How do I get an invoice for my booking?

How can I buy extra baggage ?

How can I add a meal to my flight ticket?

How can I make the balance payment?

What is convenience fee?

Why does Yatra charge a convenience fee?

What does Hold For Free mean?

What are the different modes of payment you accept?

How much is the convenience fees for flights?

How do I change my contact number?

How many KG weight can we carry on free baggage?

How can I book a wheelchair?

Can I cancel one side travel for my roundtrip flight booking?

How can I get Invoice using Yatra's booking reference number?

I booked a ticket, but found the ticket is not confirmed?

What is Child fare ?

Does a Flight ticket include a meal?

What is a multicity trip?

How do I get discounted rate for flights tickets?

What is Yatra Assurance?

What is hand baggage only fare ?

What is the difference between refundable and non-refundable fares?

How can I hold an itinerary using Hold For Free service?

How do I know about EMI options?

I entered the wrong name while booking a flight ticket. Can I get it changed?

How do I change my email id?

What ID is required for a Child on a flight?

How do I do webcheck-in/Tele check-in for my flight reservation?

How do I get a boarding pass?

Can I book tickets for children or infants on Yatra?

How many bookings can I hold?

How do I get my payment receipt?

The airline I booked has cancelled my flight, how will I get my refund?

Can I use full amount of e cash for next flight booking?

How can I access my booking details?

How do I know my flight booking was confirmed?

I selected the wrong route while making the booking, how do I change this?

Is it mandatory to mention the gender while booking a flight ticket?

Do I need a visa for my international trip ?

Am I supposed to have a Yatra Account for canceling my booking?

What is the maximum number of seats I can book?

Is Hold for free valid for a visa?

Can I use an international credit card for payment?

I mistakenly selected the wrong title (Mr/Mrs) for a passenger’s name while booking. How can I get this changed?

I have cancelled my flight reservation through My Booking but haven’t yet received any refund. When will I get my refund?

What is the meaning of refundable fare?

What is a frequent flyer number?

Whom should I contact in case special assistance is required?

Is food included in my ticket fare?

Is it possible to book flight tickets for another person through my account?

Can I book a flight ticket for an unaccompanied child?

The price of a flight ticket is different at the time of selection and actual booking. Why?

How do I know if my flight time has been changed?

While making the reservation with Yatra, my account/card was charged, but no booking was made. I was promised a complete refund, but I haven’t yet received the refund. Please help!

How will I get my money back after my flight reservation cancellation?

Do I need to print the ticket again incase of partial cancellation?

I misspelled my name while booking an international flight ticket. Can I get it changed?

How can I change my flights after purchasing the Hold For Free service?

Do we get concession on International Flights for students?

How do I get my ticket(s) after I reschedule my flight ticket?

How is the availability of Hold For Free option decided?

What is the standard check-in time for flights?

Can I use someone else's credit/debit card to book my ticket if they're not travelling with me?

I’ve been getting zero flight results on the search page.

What all information do I need to provide to the customer care to avail the claim?

Do I need to confirm my flight reservation before I fly?

What is the deadline to submit my claim?

Can I book flight and hotel through a single booking?

What travel documents should I carry on an international trip?

How does Yatra Assurance work?

What happens if I do not purchase my ticket before Hold For Free period expires?

The airline I booked has suspended its operations. How do I claim my refund?

How early should I check-in at the airport?

Will the fare change/ fluctuate in Hold For Free period?

Where do I enter my frequent flyer number while booking domestic flights?

Is Hold For Free offered on every airline?

Does Yatra offer any loyalty program?

How and when will the excess fare be refunded under Yatra Assurance, after my claim is approved?

What steps I need to follow to raise a query with Yatra.com regarding airfare discrepancy?

What is Companion Free Scheme?

Where will I get the terminal information?

Do I have to show my e–ticket confirmation email at the airline check–in counter?

Why are some flights missing from the search results?

I want to book more than one ticket, how much do I have to pay?

How can I purchase meal coupons on a flight?

Do I have to pay anything extra at the airport or in flight?