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How do I login to My Bookings section on Yatra.com?

How can I use Yatra gift voucher?

Am I supposed to have a Yatra Account for canceling my booking?

I booked a ticket, but found the ticket is not confirmed?

What are the different modes of payments you accept?

How do I change the passenger name in my activity booking?

How do I change my email id?

How do I change my contact number?

I booked a ticket, but found the ticket is not confirmed?

Do children need photo ID proofs also?

Is there a contact number at the activity destination for me to call?

Do you cater for group bookings?

Does Yatra offer any loyalty program?

Our names on the booking are different from those on our Photo ID's. What do we do now?

Can I get refund in the form of eCash?

How will I get my Refund back after cancelling an activity booking?

What happens if a activity booking is Rejected/Failed?

Do I require any photo identification for traveling?

I have not received a reply to my emails. Why?

It has been 48 hours since I booked and have not received confirmation.Help!

Can I get a customized activity/package for myself and/or my group?

How can I cancel my activity booking?

I’m travelling alone, but the activity experience requires a minimum number of people. Can I still book it?

I'm not sure if my booking was processed, did you get my activity booking request?

Are there any discounts for Military Personnel, AAA or other groups?

Can I book an activity when I reach the destination?

How do I change the date of the activity booked ?

What happens if I cancel or do not show up for an activity booked?

What are the cancellation charges for my activity booking?

The host is not responding what should I do?

Do I need to bring the booking voucher along?

Are the activity providers safe and trustworthy?

Some of the passengers (or children) do not have photo ID proof. Is it mandatory for all passengers to carry photo ID Proof?

Can I book more than one activity for a destination?

When do I receive confirmation of my activity booking?

How far in advance can I book for an activity?

Is partial cancellation possible for an activity booking?

What if I cancel the activity booking before it is confirmed by the vendor?

Is there any parking near the departure point?

Does an activity provider offer a pick up from the airport?

I don't know what date I'm traveling yet, can I book an activity and leave it open dated?

Do you provide activities on Christmas and Public Holidays?

Can I get dropped off after my activity to my hotel or in the city?